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C3 - The telecommunications Specialists

Who We Are

With a history of more than 25 years supplying specialist computer telephony platforms and associated applications, C3’s proven solutions incorporate Multichannel Contact Centres, IVR, Speech Recognition and PCI services. Clients worldwide depend on C3’s core technology-agnostic software to give their businesses the edge in competitive markets and to overcome technical challenges.

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Our Services

Contact Centre Platforms

Streamline your multiple communication channels with Contact, C3’s multi-channel system.

PCI Compliant Payments

Take the hassle out of taking payments with C3. Our popular PCI Compliant solution that enables you to take payments directly via phone, web and mobile.

Call Handling Solutions

With over 25 years experience in telephony C3 can provide solutions to all your call handling needs.

Fusion IVR Scripting

Our game-changing IVR scripting tool has helped our customers slash development time and launch new services far quicker than their competition.

Projects & Clients