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The Power of Human

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, our Marketing Manager Natasha Rutterford looks at the importance of a ‘human touch’ vs full automation.

Automation, self-service and the power of technology have revolutionized the contact centre, however when it comes to resolving some issues you can’t beat a human touch.

Often these situations are the most sensitive or demanding and you can be sure that if your organisation slips up here your clients won’t forget it!

It’s tempting to rely heavily on automated self-service in order to save costs; however it may be better for contact centre management to view humans and technology as allies in the fight for a better customer experience.

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C3 helps University of Bristol join internet call revolution

COMPUTER telephony specialist C3 has reached another milestone as it helps the UK’s top universities join the internet call revolution which is gathering pace across the country.
The University of Bristol has joined the transition to multimedia communication over the internet thanks to C3’s expertise in providing a new easy-to-use, centralised system for 8,500 staff.

A key issue for delegates from the UK’s major universities and higher and further education colleges at last month’s Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) conference in Manchester, was the transition to new multi-channel Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) telephony, from traditional telephone systems.
Many higher education institutions are facing fresh technology challenges as they make the switch.

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Inbound-Only Contact Centres; A Customer Service Roadblock

Recently whilst browsing Twitter I came across a conversation between a leading international bank and a client.

The customer had an urgent issue and had tried to contact the bank’s call centre but was unable to get through. They then took to Twitter, asking for help and a call back from the company.

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