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Why Your Business Should Use Call Recording Software

There are many organisations and industries that are required to record their telephone conversations, whether that be legally or because of compliance guidelines set out for a specific service. This is quite common in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance and legal services, however, call recording can benefit many other industries as well.

Recording your calls can help your business to improve its customer service through training and continuous review of the calls to assess the level of service they deliver. It can also be used as evidence and help keep record of verbal contracts among other things. Here’s why any company that conducts any business or provides customer service over the phone should record their calls.

Customer Satisfaction

The interaction between a call centre agent and a customer is so important, the agent’s actions can make or break the customer’s experience. One wrong step could result in lost business or an angry customer who might write about their experience on social media which can create a bad image for your company, no one is attracted to a company who is known for giving bad customer service. Call recording is the only way that management can check whether the agents are doing their job properly or not.

Real-time call barging doesn’t cover every customer interaction, yes management can step in on a bad call but it isn’t practical for a manager to barge in on every call. It’s also possible that if a manager is listening in that the agent will be on their best behaviour, and as soon as they finish monitoring them they could revert back to giving bad customer service.


Whether you’re training new staff or improving the skill of your current agents, call recording is a great tool for demonstrating what to do and what not to do during customer interaction on the phone. There’s nothing like learning from real situations, you might have recorded staged conversations or include a roleplay section in your training but how often do these scenarios play out like a real interaction? Recording your calls allows you to capture every type of call and customer that you may encounter, this can help you to prepare your staff for eventualities that they might not have even thought of.

Using real calls will also help you to train your staff and teach them how your organisation specifically should interact on the phone with customers, what your company standards are and what you expect of them.

Elimination of ‘He Said, She Said’

Misunderstandings can easily arise when speaking on the phone with someone, whether that is answering a customer’s question or negotiating terms of a contract, and accusations can be made by angry customers. In all of these situations call recording is so useful, it helps to shed light on a confusing situation and clarify what actually was said, without call recording it is one person’s word against another’s. In the case of the angry customer they may ask for the call to be escalated to a supervisor who hasn’t heard any part of the previous conversation, they have to make a judgement whether to trust the customer is telling the complete truth. With a record of the call the supervisor can review what actually happened, can make a decision on how to proceed and whether the agent was at fault and whether they need to be corrected.


Depending on your industry call recording may be required as set out by service compliance guidelines as set by the FSA for example, or even laws set by the government. Businesses within the financial sector have to record all of their verbal communications, and banks, brokers, insurance and other financial companies are heavily monitored and regulated by the government and private organisations. Companies who take payment over the phone are also required record calls to maintain their PCI DSS compliance.


C3’s PhonepayPlus (PPP) approved call recording solution is a flexible application that can grow and evolve with your business. For more information about our Call Recording Systems and Solutions please contact our team.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way! Why Companies Hang Up On Customers

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, Natasha Rutterford tackles the thorny issue of dropped calls

I love the daily tips emails from Contact Centre World. Some are really enlightening with new ideas and operating methods, many others highlight common failings in customer handling.

The issue in the below comment caught my eye as it is something which I have experienced and really irritates me as I know there is a simple technical solution!

Deliberately dropping calls during busy periods.

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The Power of Human

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, our Marketing Manager Natasha Rutterford looks at the importance of a ‘human touch’ vs full automation.

Automation, self-service and the power of technology have revolutionized the contact centre, however when it comes to resolving some issues you can’t beat a human touch.

Often these situations are the most sensitive or demanding and you can be sure that if your organisation slips up here your clients won’t forget it!

It’s tempting to rely heavily on automated self-service in order to save costs; however it may be better for contact centre management to view humans and technology as allies in the fight for a better customer experience.

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Give Your Customers The Channels They Want!

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, our Marketing Manager Natasha Rutterford takes a closer look at the importance of tailoring communication channels to your customers.

It should come as no surprise to hear customers have preferences when it comes to communication.

The availability or otherwise of preferred contact methods makes a difference to everything from customer satisfaction to repeat purchases and  revenues.

Despite this clear evidence, it’s surprising how many companies either limit the channels on offer or have them working in discrete ‘silos’. 


The classic example of this is Social Media, which straddles the divide between customer service and Marketing/ PR in a rather awkward fashion, allowing some customer contacts to ‘fall through the cracks’.

If a client has made fruitless complaints via Twitter or Facebook and then have to call a contact centre, they are likely to question your brand commitment to customers (and whether they want to be one of them!)

A well-organised, joined-up approach, however, turns irate consumers into advocates and champions of your organisation.

Think about what contact channels you currently offer your clients. Are they centralised or fragmented? Do you know who is accountable for different interactions via each format?

We are operating in a multi-channel world and brands ignore this at their peril!

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C3 upgrades Contact platform to help call centre clients improve customer service

Computer telephony specialist C3 has enhanced its popular multi-channel platform Contact with increased and improved reporting options.
The latest roll-out from the Cambridge-based company includes detailed metrics to ensure greater visibility of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) queuing and offers managers a better overview of customer queueing experiences.

The granular reporting allows for in-depth analysis of performance and behaviour and provides an opportunity to improve customer service and satisfaction.
Since its initial release, C3’s contact centre platform has proved popular with users in industries as diverse as higher education and virtual services.
Key to its success has been the ability to scale, starting with small deployments and growing to accommodate user demand.


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Secure telephone specialist C3 upgrades vital prison platform

Cambridge computer telephony specialist C3 has completed a full upgrade of a secure prison phone system which allows inmates to talk to their family on the outside.
The platform, used in some of the UK’s highest profile prisons and secure hospitals, has been enhanced and given a complete technology refresh at Isle of Man Prison.

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