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Top 6 Benefits of Using an IVR System

An IVR system can be an extremely useful tool in delivering your customers excellent customer service when it is implemented properly. You might have heard negative things said about IVR systems as customers are passed from department to department because the automated menu system isn’t sending them through to the appropriate person to deal with their query, however, this frustration is only a result of poorly designed IVR systems. We’re here to tell you what is so great about a sophisticated IVR system and how it can benefit you and your customers.

  1. Personalisation for the Customer

Using an IVR system might make you think that you’re losing the human touch in your successful customer service process, but that just isn’t the case. Even though you are using a machine for interaction you can still add that personal touch for the customer to make them feel like you care. A personalised greeting or prompt is a great way to seamlessly transfer the caller to a live agent who can then deal with the customer direct.

  1. Automated Operations

Free up your agents from standardised processes that are mundane and can clog up their precious time when they could be spending time better serving customers who require detailed information. Give customers the ability to serve themselves and obtain all of the simple information that they need to solve their issues through your expertly set up IVR system.

  1. Inbound Call Capacity Increase

With an IVR system your business can handle higher call volumes as all calls coming in are efficiently transferred to the correct department and live agent who are best equipped to handle the customer’s issues. Wait times and queue lengths are comparatively shorter than those which do not have an IVR system due to the inefficiency of their processes.

  1. Cost Effective

Improving the operational efficiency and productivity of your agents can sometimes prove to be costly whether that be through extensive training or new expensive processes, however, IVR systems are easy on the pocket and are a simple, cost effective solution. Eliminate the need for intermediary agents or receptionists who are there to route the call to the correct person or department with an IVR system and cut down on human error.

  1. More First Call Resolution

Customers tend to find that the most frustrating thing about call centres is the amount of times you get passed around departments and different agents before they get to the right one and are able to get the answers they need. An IVR system’s intelligent call routing will ensure that this is kept to a minimum and customers reach who they need to solve their problem first time, keeping call times short and sweet.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

As your efficient IVR system directs calls to the right agent or department first time it is much more likely that your customers are going to get the information they need and their issues solved both quickly and on their first call to you. Also, with customers being able to answer simple queries themselves with the IVR system the quality of the customer service that they are receiving means

The Impact of GDPR on UK & EU Contact Centres

With less than 200 days until GDPR comes into effect throughout the EU and UK do you know what impact it will have on your business? There is also a large misconception surrounding GDPR, as it is an EU law many UK businesses believe that once the UK leaves the EU that GDPR will no longer affect them, this is entirely wrong. The government has reiterated that even post Brexit the GDPR will still be in effect, so there’s no putting temporary measures in place to ensure that you are fully compliant while still bound by EU law.

The GDPR is a whole new set of legislation and regulations to govern how data is captured and ultimately stored, these stricter rules will especially have an effect on contact centres. Hubs of data collection and processing, there are over 6,200 contact centres in the UK with around 4% of the UK’s population being employed at a call centre. However, failure to comply comes with an even bigger price tag under the GDPR than it does under current legislation. Depending on the size of the breach a company could be looking at a €10 million fine or 2% of the company/group’s worldwide sales (whichever is the greatest amount) for a smaller scale breach or €20 million or 4% of the company/group’s worldwide sales (again, whichever amount is greatest). With larger fines there’s even more incentive now than ever to get fully compliant.

Whether you operate a contact centre directly in house or outsource any contact centre requirements all businesses still need to think and be aware of the impact the new GDPR legislation will have on every process within that process from data collection to processing and then storing that information.

For contact centres a major impact is how the GDPR sets out to define what personal information is. For example, under current legislation definitions have been narrow and precise whereas the GDPR covers any and all data that can be used to identify an individual, either a single piece of data or a data that can be used in combination with other pieces of data. This new ruling means all personal data is protected under GDPR, businesses need to be conscious of how they store any personal information as individuals also have the right to access their details at any time and modify it or ask for it to be removed promptly.

Contact centres need to ensure they have the right infrastructure to manage such requests of individuals and to complete them to the satisfaction of both the individual and the GDPR. The new data regulations actually suggest that self-service is the best approach for providing this ability. All businesses will need to review their data protection processes and systems to ensure that they are able to comply with the incoming GDPR and if they discover that they will not they need to upgrade and update their systems in line with the new legislation.

Although the GDPR is bringing about a large change, it is a change for the better as it will undoubtedly improve standards around privacy and data protection, minimising and moving to eradicating data breaches like those that we have witnessed in recent years.

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It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way! Why Companies Hang Up On Customers

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, Natasha Rutterford tackles the thorny issue of dropped calls

I love the daily tips emails from Contact Centre World. Some are really enlightening with new ideas and operating methods, many others highlight common failings in customer handling.

The issue in the below comment caught my eye as it is something which I have experienced and really irritates me as I know there is a simple technical solution!

Deliberately dropping calls during busy periods.

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The Power of Human

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, our Marketing Manager Natasha Rutterford looks at the importance of a ‘human touch’ vs full automation.

Automation, self-service and the power of technology have revolutionized the contact centre, however when it comes to resolving some issues you can’t beat a human touch.

Often these situations are the most sensitive or demanding and you can be sure that if your organisation slips up here your clients won’t forget it!

It’s tempting to rely heavily on automated self-service in order to save costs; however it may be better for contact centre management to view humans and technology as allies in the fight for a better customer experience.

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Give Your Customers The Channels They Want!

Welcome to C3’s Industry Insight blog series inspired by articles and comment on the web.

In this blog, our Marketing Manager Natasha Rutterford takes a closer look at the importance of tailoring communication channels to your customers.

It should come as no surprise to hear customers have preferences when it comes to communication.

The availability or otherwise of preferred contact methods makes a difference to everything from customer satisfaction to repeat purchases and  revenues.

Despite this clear evidence, it’s surprising how many companies either limit the channels on offer or have them working in discrete ‘silos’. 


The classic example of this is Social Media, which straddles the divide between customer service and Marketing/ PR in a rather awkward fashion, allowing some customer contacts to ‘fall through the cracks’.

If a client has made fruitless complaints via Twitter or Facebook and then have to call a contact centre, they are likely to question your brand commitment to customers (and whether they want to be one of them!)

A well-organised, joined-up approach, however, turns irate consumers into advocates and champions of your organisation.

Think about what contact channels you currently offer your clients. Are they centralised or fragmented? Do you know who is accountable for different interactions via each format?

We are operating in a multi-channel world and brands ignore this at their peril!

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C3 upgrades Contact platform to help call centre clients improve customer service

Computer telephony specialist C3 has enhanced its popular multi-channel platform Contact with increased and improved reporting options.
The latest roll-out from the Cambridge-based company includes detailed metrics to ensure greater visibility of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) queuing and offers managers a better overview of customer queueing experiences.

The granular reporting allows for in-depth analysis of performance and behaviour and provides an opportunity to improve customer service and satisfaction.
Since its initial release, C3’s contact centre platform has proved popular with users in industries as diverse as higher education and virtual services.
Key to its success has been the ability to scale, starting with small deployments and growing to accommodate user demand.


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