It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way! Why Companies Hang Up On Customers

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In this blog, Natasha Rutterford tackles the thorny issue of dropped calls

I love the daily tips emails from Contact Centre World. Some are really enlightening with new ideas and operating methods, many others highlight common failings in customer handling.

The issue in the below comment caught my eye as it is something which I have experienced and really irritates me as I know there is a simple technical solution!

Deliberately dropping calls during busy periods.

Our correspondent below is lucky to even get a message declaring the lines to be busy- many organisations will just hang up.

A good contact centre system can offer clients the opportunity to request a callback and leave a message covering their query or complaint.

Companies can back this up by making sure clients have a clear expectation of turnaround times for callbacks so they know their request will not simply be ignored.

The idea of simply cutting off customers who are on hold is appalling and tantamount to saying ” We don’t want your business”.


Having just joined an airline reward program I wanted to speak to a representative about some queries I had. On 7 separate occasions over the past 2 days I have tried to get through – I get the IVR and select the option I need and after a few seconds hear a recorded announcement saying that they are busy and I should try the web site. Without giving me an option the call ended with a goodbye and I was disconnected. So much for service in a competitive market! At least offer callers a message taking option rather than turn them away – after all we don’t do this in other ‘customer environments’ such as theatres, banks, in the shopping mall so why do it on the phone?!

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